20 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful social media tool. This post is dedicated to promoting your brand on this remarkable platform.  As an author of fiction and an entrepreneurial blogger, I use Pinterest for inspiration.  Through the creation of boards, you can pin images that you find interesting, creative, inspiring, or just plain fun.  Here are EJ’s 20 ways to promote your business on Pinterest:

  1. Add the Pinterest “Follow” Button to your blog or website:  This technique is a phenomenal way to let your core audience know that you have a Pinterest account. They will be able to click on the “P” button and be redirected to your boards to re-pin images to their own or to follow yours. Following a board is free with a personal account – it is as easy as one click!
  2. Ask people to follow you on Pinterest: A very simple in time-tested principle can be employed here. identify where you are reaching the most number of people.  Which images you have pinned that are garnering the most attention and focus your efforts there.
  3. Use a profile widget on your blog: A Pinterest profile widget is very similar to a “follow” button except it takes up quite a bit more space and displays your most recent pins.  Bear in mind, there is no reason why you can’t use both if you desire.
  4. Share! Share! Share!  When you share other people’s pins other Pinterest users will see that you shared that particular pin.  This will give your brand a tad more exposure with a little more than the push of a button.
  5. Pin early and often:  This is one of my favorite tips and it ties back to one of my core business fundamentals.  Always be patient and consistent! You may be surprised to learn that many social marketers are pinning that same content.
  6. Please don’t be like everybody else!!  This may seem obvious but you should always strive to be creative and different.  Use your imagination and be innovative.  Capture your own images using your iPhone or your SLR digital camera and create a compelling storyline board of your own using the Pinterest platform.  This will give your brand a facelift and serve as a breath of fresh air to your marketing strategy.
  7. Learn where to find high-quality content:  If you want to drive traffic back to your site then you have to keep good stuff coming.  By pinning fresh content consistently you can develop a steady stream of new and repeat visitors to your website or blog.
  8. Create secret boards for stuff your readers most likely don’t care about:  Pinterest is a wonderful social media platform for flushing out ideas.  If you want to create a board as a brainstorming area but you do not intend to make public keep it private by marking it secret.  This will allow you to capture new ideas for boards that you may want to create while keeping it “under wraps” until you are prepared to present that idea live to the masses.
  9. Only pin content that aligns with your brand:  This technique traces back to number eight.  If you capture a pin which is not consistent with the other content on your board then leave that pin on a secret board.  Develop a consistent and homogenous presentation to your boards and your core audience will come back again and again.  This is an important principle to remember in the creation of your board content.  A lack of adherence to this technique will cause your Pinterest boards to become disheveled and confusing to your visitors.
  10. Remember to check your notifications frequently: A free feature of your Pinterest account is the configuration under “edit settings” of your notifications.  This will allow you to set up an email address for Pinterest to send you notifications every time a user follows your board or pins one of your images.  These notifications can be extremely beneficial in identifying which pins are the most popular among your visitors.
  11. If seasonal content adds value to your board, take advantage of it: This is a simple and easy tactic to implement.  Take advantage of the changes in season to boost the visibility of your brand.
  12. Be attractive: Your pins should be tall and pretty (read between the lines) whatever this means for you.  Nothing is worse than surfing through a board that is disorganized. Insure that your boards are easy to read.
  13. Test screen size dimensions for your pins: Make sure that your pins fit into the specs of your board.
  14. Aimed for multi-dimensional pins and vary your color palette: Adding variation of pin sizes is a great way to mix it up.  Use the varying color schemes to subliminally incorporate brightness or darkness to your board (whatever is appropriate).  This will help to tell the story you are trying to convey to your audience.
  15. Use the stock photos that everyone else ISN’T:  Be unique!  This will require you to conduct some due diligence.  Do some research on pins in your particular niche.  See what works and be creative.  Do what is necessary to differentiate yourself from the pack!
  16. Add backlinks to your Pinterest profile: This is a great way to inform your audience of your product, blog, newsletter, or website location.  It is a great way to drive new traffic to your site as well.
  17. Make sure all of your images have interest friendly ALT text: This is a valuable technique.  Remember that your pins will be viewed both on desktop and on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc).  Make it easy to view and enjoy your boards regardless of the device from which your feed is accessed.
  18. Organize your boards by importance, and then topic:  Strategically place your most important boards at the top of your Pinterest feed.  Within each board place the most important pins at the top making them easier to navigate and find. 
  19. Target long-tail keywords in your blog posts:  This is a technique that I use to help my audience to navigate my content with greater ease.  Your board titles should adhere to this rule as well.
  20. Don’t be intimidated by the smart feed:  Creating a smart feed is a great way to extract the best pins as your board grows beyond 100 pins or more.

There you have it!  EJ’s 20 ways to promote your business using Pinterest.  I hope these tips have been refreshing for you!


Happy Pinning!


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