Decide Commit Succeed: The path to victory

The path to victory can be summed up in three specific words.  My motivation for this post was to embark on the nearly impossible task of summing up how to win in only three words.  The reason I say this is near impossible is because there is so much more to being victorious in life then can be summed up in only three words.  However, because I love a challenge I decided to take it head on.

Here are EJ’s 3 words which define the path to victory:

  1. Decide: The path to victory starts with a decision of quality.  Most people fail because they never decided to succeed.  Think about this for a moment.  This will help you to grasp the gravity of making a quality decision.  Anything you want to accomplish can be attained but you must decide to achieve your goal and never be stopped, discouraged, distracted, or defeated from the very beginning.
  2. Commit: The second word that I would use to define the path to victory is commitment.  A man can accomplish nothing without making a commitment first.  When you commit to the process you have already succeeded. If you don’t stop you will complete and cross every goal off your list in time.
  3. Succeed: The path to victory will end in success for those which stay committed to the process.  Success should not be the ultimate goal.  Your ultimate goal should be to improve the quality of life of your team around you as you climb the ladder of success.  To feed your friends and family with knowledge and understanding and to love your neighbor in the process is the ultimate definition of success – Give back!


These are only three words that can be used to sum up the path to victory. What are yours?

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