EJ’s Think Tank

Featured Authors and Concept Artists:

If you are a creative writer, concept artist video game designer, or a graphic designer we promote and publish the artists of the day on our blog post.  We feature the top 10 samples  on our blog post of an upcoming book, or sample of concept art every day.  For immediate consideration, send us your writing sample for our “Artist of the day” contest to potentially be featured.  Willful submission of any and all writing samples and artwork grants automatic consent to EJ Samuwel LLC to display such work on behalf of the artist with no legal obligation to EJ Samuwel LLC or its affiliates.  The artist retains all copyrights to their work. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

We welcome all tasteful artists work!!   Nothing that is overt or pornographic in nature will be considered for display.

A fee of $2.99 per month applies to each artist – that’s all!  No other fees apply – ever.  An artist may submit one or unlimited samples for potential consideration but the monthly fee will never be more than $2.99. 

PROMOTE YOURSELF! Get your art in front of millions of potential new customers now!

EJ Samuwel’s Consultation Services:

If you are a creative writer, Mr. Samuwel offers a personal consultation package including but not limited to:

1. Free download ebooks: The Creative Spark- Artistic Inspiration by EJ Samuwel Consulting Services.

2. (3) Consultation emails over a 3 month span including tips on social media, driving more traffic to your website, and much more!

3. Packages start at $399 USD – Don’t hesitate! Contact us today and learn how EJ Samuwel can help you grow your business!