I want YOU to be RICH: 3 steps to financial independence

“How much do you want to earn?” – EJ Samuwel

This is the question you must answer before you can be rich.  Yes, it is about money but it is also much deeper. What you can receive is directly connected how are you think so I will ask you again how much do you want to earn?  People often ask me how to get rich or how to successful in the economic arena.  The truth is this is easier to accomplish than you may think.  The reason why most people are in trouble financially is because they are executing an outdated or simply incorrect ideology.  In generations past we have been told to graduate high school, go to college in graduate with honors, and get a good high-paying job.  In reality this idea is fundamentally flawed and completely outdated.


College does not teach you how to make money. The educational system teaches you how to be a good employee but it does not teach you how to create a business, take charge of your own future, and generate income passively.  This post will impact your thinking and most importantly influence your outlook on how you operate on a daily basis to change your economic future.  The world is transforming.  Technology has forever altered the way we live, work, and enjoy ourselves.  Anything we want to know or do is literally at our fingertips at the push of a button.  The vast extent of possibilities this opens up is unheard of and has never been seen before.  In order to become rich, follow EJ’s three steps to financial independence:

A. Unlearn – Learn – Relearn: If you are serious about charging up your cash flow listen up! This first step is mandatory in order to re-create your financial reality.  Most of what we have learned about money is just plain wrong. Poverty is a mindset and borrowing at compound interest will create nothing but debt And problems the national deficit is higher than it has ever been in the history of our nation and that is because of indulgent overspending and irresponsible financial decision-making.  If you implement these flawed ideals in your personal or business finances then you will always be disappointed with your financial outcome.

  • Unlearn: If you don’t have money or if you are not pleased with the amount of income you are presently receiving press the reset button and start over.  Unlearn everything you thought you knew about the financial arena.  The world of economics functions by laws. It is no coincidence that 97% of the wealth of the entire globe is in the hands of the top 3%.  The primary reason for this is that the upper echelon does not think like the masses.  They dictate what the masses think.  You must learn to unlearn what you have been previously programmed to think if you want to be rich.  Trading time for money is a failed ideology.  It does not work, it never has, and it never will!  Working a job or multiple jobs typically leaves people with insufficient funds, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied.
  • Learn: The wonderful thing about learning is that it is a lifelong process.  No matter how old you are or when you begin you can always learn something new. Commit to being a student of life and develop a skill. I will dedicate another post solely devoted to exploring this topic, but for now remember that your level of compensation is directly related to the size of the problem you learn to solve.  The bigger the problem you can solve the higher your income will be.
  • Relearn: Anything you do consistently you have the potential to develop in doing.  If you eat french fries every day you will become highly developed an eating french fries.  The simple and fundamental principle here is that whatever you do every day will become “your norm.” Reshape your own financial world! This is a new concept that you will have to learn quickly if you want to be rich. Most people have a poverty mentality!  They think broke, talk broke, and make decisions that will keep them in that same impoverished state of being. Relearning is a key skill set of wealthy people.  Successful individuals know how to learn and relearn to improve their skills and supercharge their cash flow!

B. Be a Creator: This step is one of my favorites. In order to generate real wealth you have to bring something of value to the marketplace.  We all have passions, hobbies, and gifts of various sorts.  Find something that you are passionate about and that you are naturally gifted in and develop it.  Ask yourself this question:

“If money was not an issue, what would I spend all day doing with my time?

If you can identify the answer to this question you will find your passion.   It will be something that you could do for 18 to 19 hours per day without getting bored and you would be enjoying every second of it! Money is not wealth time is! The interesting thing about this question is that no one can answer it but YOU!  No one knows you better than you!  Whatever you like or enjoy is what you should be doing with your life.  This will spark your innovation and cause you to wake up every morning with the purpose to bring valuable product to the marketplace for all of us to enjoy.  In order to create great product and grow rich you have to create multiple sources of income or MSI.  MSI is the key to financial independence! This does not mean multiple jobs.  It means having more than one stream of income which does not require excessive amounts of your time nor your physical presence in order to profit from them.  As an author of next-level fiction and children’s books I am constantly in the process of researching various subjects and creating.  Storytelling and business consulting is my passion and I’m very good at it.  I enjoy teaching and encouraging others and seeing them become the best version of themselves. That is the pleasure that I get out of what I do and I love it!


C. Develop your Spirit – Soul – Body: I’m sure that you have heard this stated differently before.   Most people say mind, body, and soul but they are making a mistake when they see it this way – they are leaving out the spirit!  The spirit is the inner man, the real you. It is your spirit that is being suppressed that is why most people hate their jobs.  They desire to do what they “believe” they were put on this earth to do but instead they are working for a living. The poverty in this mentality is stripping them of their true purpose as well as the income that they should be making.  Which leads to my next point. The soul is the mind, will, and emotional center.  The soul is where we make our decisions and where our reasoning takes place.  If you can develop a new way of thinking you can change your financial reality!  That’s right, the way you think is what determines your income not your job!   We will all spend most of our lives working, therefore we should do “meaningful work.”   I once heard the late great Steve Jobs make a statement along these lines.  He founded and created Apple Technology company which is now chaired by Tim Cook. Apple is quickly headed towards being the first private company worth over $1,000,000,000,000!  This is amazing and it all started with an idea.  We live in an economic world so you have to make money. Steve wanted to create a “closed system” on a proprietary platform which is linux-based and sell it for a price point that no one else was at the time.  His innovative thinking and creativity changed the world as we know it. We now enjoy such products as the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac etc.  This is all because a man developed his mindset to bring valuable product to the masses.


“What will you create next?” – EJ Samuwel

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