YouTube: 10 Tips To Reach Millions Using Videos

This post is dedicated to entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business by leveraging YouTube videos.  YouTube is more popular than ever before.  In 2018, this generation speaks the marketing language of video.  YouTube is owned by Alphabet, Inc.  Here are EJ’s 10 tips to growing your business using YouTube videos.

  1. Maintain a regular schedule for uploading videos: A niche audience will take interest in new videos periodically.  It is critical to continue to provide them new content on a consistent basis.  If they enjoy your content and you post sporadically or you do not post frequently enough they will go elsewhere to find such content. 
  2. Embed your YouTube video URLs in your blog or website: This is one of the best ways to get free YouTube views.  To draw new viewers to your blog or website, embedding videos can help increase your views significantly.   It can also aid in increasing the metrics or time frames which users spend viewing your content.  The longer a unique visitor stays on your site the more content they are likely to consume.
  3. Add a proper title to every single video on your YouTube channel: This is an excellent habit to develop when creating your YouTube videos.   A proper title can  grab the attention of the casual web surfers and cause them to click on your link simply by being drawn to a snappy title!  I warn you to stay away from “clickbait” titles as these are likely to perturb visitors and cause them to leave your site never to return again.
  4. Leverage high-quality thumbnails for more clicks:  This is a jewel!  When uploading videos to YouTube it is paramount that you create great thumbnails.  A thumbnail is the static image which serves as an advertisement for your video as visitors surf through YouTube and scroll through subject matter feeds.  High-quality thumbnails can tremendously increase the number of clicks to your YouTube video. Try this it works very well!
  5. Write a small catchy description for every video:  Writing a great description can capture the attention of your viewer and entice them to click on your videos as well.  Take your time and write a description that is well thought out.
  6. Take care to maintain short video durations: This tip is one of the most important. Be mindful of the viewers time and do not abuse it.  Keep your video short, concise, and straight to the point.
  7. Be very specific with keywords: This tip can significantly impact your SEO (search engine optimization).  YouTube is based on an algorithm of keyword searches.  If you use specific keywords it will significantly impact the quality of your ranking enabling visitors to find your videos.  Do some research on your subject matter and the keywords of other content similar to yours.
  8. Use the “subscribe button” in a solid color and in appropriate places: When you use the subscribe button at appropriate points in your video posting it makes it easy for the viewer to see it. Therefore taking the action of subscribing becomes easy.  Make it easy for them to find and use it.
  9. Ask your loyal audience to share videos: This tip works well in conjunction with the call to action. Your loyal audience will do what you ask them to do. People like to share content online  as well as social media feeds.  This will organically increase traffic to your blog or website if you use backlinks as well.
  10. Add a call to action at the end of the video: Always include a call to action!  I cannot stress this tip enough.  The call to action is the entire purpose of posting content online.  If you want your viewers to be converted into loyal high paying customers, always request a call to action.  Ask them to subscribe, share links, or make a purchase.  This is a follow-through on the age-old sales rule: A.B.C (always be closing).

That’s it!  These are EJ’s 10 tips for entrepreneurs to grow their business using YouTube.  Comment below and tell us which tips work best for you as well as any other ideas which you have implemented  for your business. Any entrepreneur in any industry can benefit from starting their own YouTube channel.  Who knows, in time you could even grow to millions of viewers like Pewdiepie! We look forward to hearing from you!


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